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State Forestry Institution

224022, the Republic of Belarus, the city of Brest, Kobrinskaja St., 53

Director: Tytsyk Alexandr

Tel.: +375 162 436560

Fax: +375 162 436561

Turism / Hunting

База отдыха "Гута"

   We have created high-quality recreation facilities. The equipment is not worse than the facilities of the majority of homesteads and recreation centers in Belarus. Some recreation complexes are equipped with saunas, fireplace lounges, shooting galleries, billiard tables and other facilities.
“Hunter’s houses” and stop points are located in picturesque places of Brest Area (we could chose these places). Nearby there are beautiful ponds and lakes with lots of fish. Numerous ecologic paths are very close to our places of rest. Even if it all is not interesting to you, you’ll surely find it pleasant to walk in the forest and breathe fresh forest air. You don’t have to pick up mushrooms and berries, which will be glad to find themselves in your basket. Just imagine how pleasant it will be to spend the evening with the whole family in a warm, comfortable house, besides the fireplace and spend a night in this house after a day spent in the open air.
Just choose the leisure for this weekend and our web-page will help You in Your choice!

Information for Investors

  Brest SPFA is interested in the consideration of all investment proposals related to the introduction of energy-efficient projects in the branch of forestry, forest procurement and timber processing production. Particular attention will be drawn to the investment and innovation projects with the specified conditions of privileged financing of supplies of energy-saving (energy-efficient) equipment and mechanisms under the conditions of leasing.


 Forest farms of Brest State Production Forestry Association (Brest SPFA) have the opportunity to sell items of their own production in the volume, which is specified in the table below. According to International FSC System, the following forest farms and forestry areas were certified: by auditing company “NEPKON” (Estonia) – six forestry farms and over 510.5 thousand ha of forestry owned by Brest SPFA, by auditing company SŻS (Poland) seven forest farms and 450.0 thousand ha of forestry owned by Brest SPFA were certified.

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