Forest farms of Brest State Production Forestry Association (Brest SPFA) have the opportunity to sell items of their own production in the volume, which is specified in the table below. According to International FSC System, the following forest farms and forestry areas were certified: by auditing company “NEPKON” (Estonia) – six forestry farms and over 510.5 thousand ha of forestry owned by Brest SPFA, by auditing company SŻS (Poland) seven forest farms and 450.0 thousand ha of forestry owned by Brest SPFA were certified.

Name of the productParameters (sizes) of products Available volume of sales per year* Price formed as a result of stock trading per 1m3, Euro
1Timber, round 4403218500
Including birch paper wooddiameter 6-24 cm, length 2.5 m4000038-43
Firrydiameter 6-24 cm, length 2.5 m250040-42
Pinydiameter 6-13 cm, length 2.5 m12000035-38
Alderdiameter 6-18 cm, length 2.5 m900032-34
Aspendiameter 6-18 cm, length 2.5 m200032-34
Kapbaulk, acerousdiameter 10-13 cm, length 2.0-4.0 m100045
Kapbaulk, alderdiameter 18-24 cm and more, length 2.5-3 m500037
Kapbaulk, aspendiameter 18-24 cm and more, length 2.5-3 m200035
Triple wooden raw material, alderdiameter 4-40 cm and more, length 2.5-3 m2600030-34
Triple wooden raw material, aspendiameter 4-40 cm and more, length 2.5-3 m1100030-34
2Sawlogs 440712200
Sawlog, acerous, finished22,44,53x100,150,175х2,4m,2,7м,3,2m1000120-145
Sawlog, foliage wood, finished28,32x2,0,-2,4,-2,7,-3,0,-3,5,-3,7m200135-165
Work pieces for pallets, acerous17-22x70-100x12007000130-145
Work pieces for pallets, foliage wood17-22x70-150x800,12004000122-134
3Pelted wood4-13х1,5-3,5m600075-80
4Roller wood4- 13x1,5-3,5m500110-120
5Split firewood25 cm, 30 cm on pallets150045-50

 * Prices are valid for actually sold volumes for time specified in the stock deals conditions for foretstry materials, on the conditions DAF border of the Republic of Belarus, for sawlogs, firewood, piles FCA forest farm warehouse.
To be able to buy the products it is necessary to register at BUT stock market, internet page
Timber products sales department         (+375 17) 224-19-23, 223-37-64, 218-39-95, 218-37-85

The auctions are held once a year for round timber, every week for carving wood.

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